Writing a bad news press release

From a knowledge perspective, educated consumers are aware of the shift of assets out of banks and brokerage houses into independent custodians. However, statistics alone oftentimes are not enough evidence to provide comfort to a transitioning financial advisor. Advisors need to understand exactly how the service model their clients have come to expect will be able to be replicated. This service model needs to span the deliverable spectrum, from access to investment products to the utilization of human capital for estate planning or insurance solutions.

Writing a bad news press release

Writing news stories isn't particularly difficult.

writing a bad news press release

It does take practice and not everyone will be an expert but if you follow the guidelines below you should be able to create effective news items without too much stress. The Five "W"s and the "H" This is the crux of all news - you need to know five things: Any good news story provides answers to each of these questions.

You must drill these into your brain and they must become second nature. For example, if you wish to cover a story about a local sports team entering a competition you will need to answer these questions: Who is the team?

Who is the coach? Who are the prominent players? Who are the supporters?

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What sport do they play? What is the competition? Where is the competition? Where is the team normally based? When is the competition? How long have they been preparing? Are there any other important time factors?

Why are they entering this particular competition? If it's relevant, why does the team exist at all? How are they going to enter the competition? Do they need to fundraise?

How much training and preparation is required? What will they need to do to win?

writing a bad news press release

The Inverted Pyramid This refers to the style of journalism which places the most important facts at the beginning and works "down" from there. Ideally, the first paragraph should contain enough information to give the reader a good overview of the entire story. The rest of the article explains and expands on the beginning.

A good approach is to assume that the story might be cut off at any point due to space limitations.

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Does the story work if the editor only decides to include the first two paragraphs? If not, re-arrange it so that it does. The same principle can apply to any type of medium.

In your sports story, you might spend some time focusing on one or more individuals, or on how the team morale is doing, or how the supporters are feeling. Have an Angle Most stories can be presented using a particular angle or "slant".

This is a standard technique and isn't necessarily bad - it can help make the purpose of the story clear and give it focus.

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Examples of angles you could use for your sports story: If there is more than one side to the story, cover them all.

Don't use "I" and "me" unless you are quoting someone. Quote People For example: Don't Get Flowery Keep your sentences and paragraphs short.The first thing you should put on your press release is your company logo at the top center of the page.

If you are emailing your press release, you should also include a . When you release a press release like that, you waste everyone’s time — including your own. A non-news press release brings nothing to the table except fluff.

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A non-news press release brings nothing to the table except fluff. Delivering bad news through a press release is often difficult, but with a little planning and effective use of tact, you can write a press release that will frame the bad news in the best possible light.

Usually, when the term “boilerplate” is applied to a piece of writing, it’s meant dismissively: “No need to read those terms & conditions you’re signing — it’s just standard boilerplate.” But when it comes to a press release, the company boilerplate is nothing to dismiss.

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