Wine apellation research

The crus shall be covered separately below. Subregions The various crus and villages can seem confusing.

Wine apellation research

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Wine apellation research so easy, and awfully confusing.

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Most wine lovers I talk to find Italian wine names and styles confusing. Unlike most American and new world wines, Italian wines are typically named after a region, just like French wines. Following the lead of the French, back ina group of Italian winemakers got together to find a way to raise the quality standards for Italian wines, and classify regional wines according to local wine making traditions.

Their goal was to give you, the wine drinker, a way to gauge the quality of a wine and determine if it was made in a consistent style and quality. The result is a 4-class system of wine rankings. Most IGT wines are simple, made from grapes grown locally and intended to be drank young.

Now, there are some exceptions to this, and the best example are Super Tuscan wines that sound fabulous, and many are, but most are still classed at the IGT level. The key word here is Controllata, meaning that a wine marked DOC is produced in a specific, well-defined region in Italy, according to defined wine making rules that are designed to preserve local traditions.

One thing you can generally count on is that a DOC wine will convey a regional wine making style with specific grapes, and that the quality of the wine tends to be higher than IGT wines.

As a result, the wines tend to be more expensive than IGT wines, but most are still pretty affordable. So what makes a DOCG wine so special?

Compared to DOC wines, most DOCG rules reduce the allowable yield of grapes to produce the wine, require longer aging periods, and most importantly, a DOCG wine has to pass an analysis and a tasting by government-licensed personnel before being bottled. And then, to prevent a wine producer from fiddling with their wine after the official analysis and tasting is completed, DOCG wine bottles are sealed with a numbered governmental stamp across the cork.

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The stamp is your guarantee that the Barolo or Brunello or Chianti Classico you paid dearly for was produced with strict adherence to local wine making rules. You just have to get out there and start tasting to find what you like. So those are the four Italian wine classifications — Let me summarize them for you: VdT wines are basic, local table wines — cheap, but pretty simple.State plans marijuana appellations, like wine.

Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) which conducted the research. Condrieu is the northern most white wine appellation in the Rhône Valley.

Cornas “Burnt earth” The abrupt, south-facing slopes form a natural amphitheatre that protects the vines from cold winds. Côte-Rôtie No gentle slopes here. Crozes-Hermitage The largest vineyard amongst the northern appellations.

Wine apellation research

Champagne is a valuable wine and the right to produce it has always been jealously guarded. The region was defined fairly early, although early definitions were controversial.

An early effort to exclude the wines of the Aube province led to riots in To learn more about our research projects, please contact OSU specialists listed under the "About Us" tab.

Also, for specifics about projects funded by Ohio Grape Industries Program, please visit the OGIC website. The following are examples of the different research projects conducted by OSU experts.

Wine apellation research

Reserve wines can be either of declared geographical origin, or of controlled appellation of origin. One of a first-rate series of wines from Burgundy, all sold under the Blason de Bourgogne label, this Mconnais white outperforms its appellation. Health Benefits of Red Wine Essay. consumption of red wine is a much more healthful drink compared to all other alcoholic beverages.

This paper examines red wine and the daily consumption of red wine as a health related behavior.

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