Travelling at light speed into the future philosophy essay

Global positioning satellites pull this off every day, accruing an extra third-of-a-billionth of a second daily. Time passes faster in orbit, because satellites are farther away from the mass of the Earth. Down here on the surface, the planet's mass drags on time and slows it down in small measures.

Travelling at light speed into the future philosophy essay

Share4 Shares 1K According to Albert Einstein, to travel into the future, we must approach the speed of light.

To travel into the past, we must surpass the speed of light. The current record holder for time-traveling is Sergei Krikalev.

He has traveled about million miles in orbit at some 17, mph — reaching a grand total of 0. This means that from now on, he takes a step two hundredths of a second before you see him take it. But no one has traveled into the past.

No one will do so unless we break the light barrier, as the following proofs will show you. Alternate history is a popular concept of time travel and centers on the premise of changing history, whether accidentally or deliberately, while traveling back through it. One counter to this is the claim that any change a time traveler makes to history is precisely what was always supposed to happen see 3.

But an aspect of the paradox that this counterargument does not address is the simple fact that any object traveling through time is itself aging normally. A person cannot travel faster than light in order to remain forever young; he may return to Earth after 10 years while Earth has aged 1, but he is still 10 years older, and eventually will die.

The same goes for inanimate objects. This is 3 on this list. But to the point: After million years, that sheet of paper has worn to dust, as has the traveler. But the show must go on, and the Oscar goes to the same person, who now accepts it without the speech, because it no longer exists outside history to return to him in the future.

Say you invent the time machine and use it to travel back 1, years. You share the knowledge of time travel with the people of that time, and they use it to invent the time machine.

Now we have a problem: The surface of a black hole is the event horizon, and once any object crosses this and enters the hole, it no longer exists in our spacetime continuum.

It is drawn by extreme gravity into an infinitely thin strand of energy called a singularity. The weak cosmic censorship hypothesis asserts that there can be no singularity unhidden by a black hole, and thus, no singularity can ever be observed.

The singularity is a major talking point of cosmology, because one theory of black holes paints them as gravitational pulls so strong that they impart faster-than-light speed to any object entering them. So if a spacecraft wanted to break the light barrier, it would need only to travel through a black hole, and upon emergence from the other side would still be traveling at this speed — namely, jump-starting a spacecraft past light speed so it can return to Earth at some point in the past.

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Here, matter may actually be destroyed, apparently violating the law of conservation of mass. Hence, until singularities are proven to exist outside black holes, this method of traveling into the past is impossible.

Travelling at light speed into the future philosophy essay

In a nutshell, the conjecture requires that there be no such thing as a closed timelike curve. A CTC is the closed path of any object as it travels through 4-dimensional spacetime; if the path brings the object back to its starting point, the path is said to be closed.

No mathematical theory can yet predict if CTCs exist. Our most immediate chance of discovering whether CTCs exist lies in quantum gravity, the branch of mathematics devoted to combining all four forces of the Universe into a single blueprint that can describe all physical laws on both the macroscopic and subatomic scales.

The four forces include: The General Theory of Relativity reconciles all but electromagnetism; quantum gravity, using a different approach, reconciles all but gravity. Until quantum gravity is fully explored, CTCs can only be hypothesized, and in their absence, traveling into the past cannot be done.

We have devised a branch of mathematics currently separate from physics to describe the laws of physics on a microscopic scale, and we call it quantum physics. This branch strongly theorizes the existence of Einstein-Rosen Bridges, named after the two scientists most responsible for our understanding of them.

They are more popularly called wormholes, and they are holes that have ripped through the fabric of spacetime. If we could make use of them, the shortest distance between two points would no longer be a straight line but zero, caused by puncturing spacetime at the point of origin and at the point of destination, just like poking holes through a sheet of paper; then spacetime is effectively folded until the two points overlap, and the traveler passes through from A to B, and spacetime is unfolded to its original state.

No physical movement occurs, but the destination may be at the other end of the known Universe, and the spacecraft would have neither approached, nor surpassed the speed of light, but simply teleported. This seems to allow the possibility of travel into the past by avoiding the speed of light altogether, but what it does not account for is what goes on inside a wormhole.

Physics has no idea, except to say that the laws of physics do not exist as we know them, or do not exist at all, inside wormholes.Travelling at Light Speed into the Future: PravasPicturesDownloadsimgjpg. Let us suppose we invent a rocket that travels close to the speed of light.

We board the rocket and go off into space and orbit the earth. Since we are trying to break the speed barrier, the time slows down in our space vehicle, as stated by Einstein.

Mar 27,  · Check out time dilation caused by traveling at speeds near the speed of light. If you were to get in a ship and travel at million miles per hour away from earth for a year, turn around and come back at the same speed, you would experience two years, but everyone else would have experienced three years.

Within Star Wars, hyperspace is a separate dimension that a vessel crosses – or jumps – into so as to travel at light speed.

Star Wars has explained that celestial bodies – . This means that time is moving forward into the future and leaving the past behind. Scientist has come to a conclusion that time travel could be possible because of the new modern physics laws.

One theory is that wormholes are a short passage through space-time for long journeys. Travelling At Light Speed Into The Future Philosophy Essay. Time passes by and we continue to carry on with our daily lives.

Let us ask ourselves, “What is time?” If the answer is “time is just. Light travels at the speed of light, yet photons do not time-travel, do they?

Travelling at light speed into the future philosophy essay

They just travel. So if you were a photon, and travelled at the speed of light, you'll go neither to the future nor the past, but rather stay bound to an eternal present.

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