The harmful effects of tyres to the environment

It is time to consider our environmental impact. Businesses who take leadership in this cause will make a significant improvement to our planet. People, Planet, Profit No longer can companies focus on a single bottom line:

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These wear as we drive, as does the surface of roads. Most of the wear material ends up as dust at the kerb or gets washed into drains but some wear-particles are small enough to be inhaled, and contribute to our air pollution.

These particles are rich in transition metals which add to the toxicity of our urban air. Scientists tracked air pollution alongside 65 roads for ten years.

The researchers found some roads where the air pollution benefits from improvements in diesel exhausts were outweighed by increases in particles that come from the wear of tyres, brakes and the road.

This was mainly on outer London roads that had increasing numbers of heavy good vehicles. Calls for a new clean air act in the UK Read more Accessories such as electric windows and air conditioning mean that new cars can be heavier than the ones that they replace.

This means more brake and tyre wear. Brake systems on cars, vans and lorries have also changed.

The harmful effects of tyres to the environment

There are no policies to control these emissions. Stopping from 30mph emits around twice the amount of brake particles compared with stopping from 20mph, so lower urban speed limits could help, as could reducing traffic volumes — especially by better management of goods moved by road.Tires have long been considered a major environmental problem, not from a toxicity point of view, but disposal.

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Tire piles have built up over decades, which at first were unique pictures of the emerging industrial world post-WWII until tire fires polluted the air and groundwater and caused government agencies around the world to take on change.

Tires represent a serious environmental concern on several fronts.

The harmful effects of tyres to the environment

Part of the risk lies with their chemical makeup. Toxins released from tire decomposition, incineration or . Tires are scrapped at a rate of tire/person/year leading to over million tires scrapped per year. Landfill space is becoming more and more scarce as tires do not biodegrade and have significant negative space.

Fortunately tires are % recyclable.

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Rubber tires also leach hazardous materials into the environment as they decompose. Plant Effects. and accelerators used during tire manufacturing that are harmful to the environment. Some.

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Oct 03,  · Waste treatment practices include practices for wastewater treatment, air pollution control and solid management. Of all environmental issues generated from this industry, wastewater is the major problem with a wide range of effects on human health and environmental health.

The issues arise when the chemicals they contain are released into the environment -- the breakdown of tires releases hazardous wastes. Tires contain oils that contaminate the soil; they also.

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