The definition of spirituality

They are often used in very similar contexts and there is some overlap between the terms. An individual's belief in an organized religion may be very spiritual, but spiritualism does not always lead the individual to a traditional, organized religious system.

The definition of spirituality

The definition of spirituality

Back to Spirit words index Spirit The signification of the spirit of wisdom, when said of those who are in celestial good, is Divine truth; they are said to be filled with it when what has been inscribed remains. The case herein is that those who are in the celestial kingdom of the Lord do not know truths from memory-knowledge, and the consequent faith; but from internal perception; for they are in the good of love from the Lord, and all truths have been ingrafted in this good.

The good itself has been implanted in their will part, and the derivative truth in their intellectual part. With them the will part and the intellectual part act absolutely as a one, differently from those who are in the spiritual kingdom.

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From this it is that those who are in the celestial kingdom of the Lord do not from their intellectual part know truths, but perceive them; for the good that has been implanted in the will is presented in its quality and in its form in the understanding, and is there in a light as it were flaming.

With them, truth is the form of good, and the quality of it, which is not seen but perceived, is from good. From this it is that they never dispute about truths, insomuch that when they discourse about truths, they say that it is so, or is not so, nothing further; for anything further is not from good.

These are they who are meant in Matthew: That they who are in the celestial kingdom of the Lord are of this character, AR,, ; what the difference is between those who are in the celestial kingdom, and those who are in the spiritual kingdom, AR The word spirit is used in many passages in the Word, and when said of man, by his spirit is signified the good and truth that have been inscribed on his intellectual part, consequently there is signified the life of this part.

That when predicated of man, spirit has this signification, is because in respect to his interiors man is a spirit, and in respect to these is also in company with spirits. On this subject see what has been abundantly shown above, namely, that there are spirits and angels with man, and man is directed by the Lord by means of them AR 50,,; that man is among spirits and angels such as he is himself AR,; and that every man has a spirit through which his body has life AR For it must first be shown that in the Word, spirit, when said of man, denotes the good and truth that has been inscribed on his intellectual part, consequently that it denotes the life of this.

For there is the life of the intellectual part, and the life of the will part; the life of the intellectual part is to know, to see, and to understand, that truth is true, and that good is good; whereas the life of the will part is to will and to love truth for the sake of truth, and good for the sake of good.

Difference between Religion and Spirituality

This latter life is called in the Word heart; but the former is called spirit. I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in the midst of you Ezek. That the church is meant by heaven and earth, AR,; to form the spirit of man in the midst of him denotes to regenerate him in respect to the understanding of truth and good.

Cast me not away from before Thee, and take not the Spirit of Thy holiness from me. Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation; and let an ingenuous spirit uphold me. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and a contrite heart God doth not despise Ps.

That spirit denotes life, is plain from each of the above expressions. The Divine truth, from which is this life, is the Spirit of holiness.SPIRITUALITY. spir-it-u-al'-i-ti: The state of being spiritual in the higher use of the word.

It is purely a religious term and signifies the state of a soul vitalized by the Divine Spirit and made alive unto God.

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While diverse in practice, the definition of spirituality and the importance of it to the concepts of wholeheartedness and rising strong has withstood the test of new data.

In Grounded Theory, a theory is only as good as its ability to work new data. In contrast, spirituality is the fact of being spiritual and is usually evidenced by the act of doing spiritual things.

Praying, meditating, reading Scripture, and giving to a charity are all things that a "spiritual" person might do. Spirituality is more abstract than religion. Definition.

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There is no single, widely agreed upon definition of spirituality. Surveys of the definition of the term, as used in scholarly research, show a broad range of definitions with limited overlap.

The definition of spirituality

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Spirituality is the measure of how willing we are to allow Grace—some power greater than ourselves—to enter our lives and guide us along our way. But that's just me. Get a room full of a thousand people and ask each one of them what spirituality means to him or her and the definition will start to get blurry.

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