Sports violence

Sports Violence Sports Violence It was in American football that athletic violence was first questioned on a governmental level. Insix American university football players died while playing in games. The press of the day condemned the deadly violence that had occurred and demanded changes in the sport. University presidents threatened to end all collegiate contests.

Sports violence

He is a huge sports fan who has always had a passion for sports.

Sports violence

Robb was kind enough to include Fans Against Violence in his paper and allow us to share it with you. This has been an issue particularly in contact sports such as football, hockey and baseball.

As the text points out the word fan is short for fanatic. As we all know fanatics are not usually a good thing. Fans are flocking Sports violence stadiums and arenas and setting attendance records and according to an article on fan violence by USA today, NFL stadiums averaged 25 ejections Sports violence 3 arrests per week Klemko, Football is not the only sport that has a major problem with this.

According to the National Summit on Civil Disturbances, sporting events account for over 25 percent of event disturbances on college campuses Gordon et all In the following paper I will present reasons why this violence is happening.

This will occur through tons of research on the specific issues, which lead to fan violence. Sources that will be used include scholarly journals, newspaper articles, and the class text. All of the above will examine the problem and specifically North American sport fan violence. The first issue that I will be discussing in regards to fan violence is team identification.

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The same piece talks about the social identity theory, which relates to team identification and says that identifying with a group enhances a persons self esteem because of the personal meaning and value that comes from belonging to or associating with a particular group.

As Paul Greenwood, who published a study on sport fan team identification for his masters thesis at North Carolina State points out, this identification can take an ugly turn when the team you identify with loses.

Sports violence

Winning and losing plays a big role in fan violence, to think of it in a very simple way. People are happy when their team wins. The opposite holds true when their team loses.

While riots still happen when wins occur, the actual issue of fan vs. Lewis says that that the victory experience is the ultimate form of sports fan identification. He also adds that the typical violent fan wants to be part of the victory, yet they cant do any of the things that they see their favorite players doing on the court.

However, they do know how to be violent. Violence gives some fans the ability to feel almost as if they are doing their part for the team Middleton Lewis, Violence and Sports For as long as sports have been around, the issue of violence has always played an influential role and raised some cont.

Violence in sports usually refers to violent and often unnecessarily harmful intentional physical acts committed during, or motivated by, a sports game, often in relation to contact sports such as American football, ice hockey. We recently spoke with Robb Silverstein who was writing a paper on Fan Violence for a class called “Sports in America”.

Robb is 4th year student at San Jose State studying Public Relations with a minor in Business Management. Changes in sports rules, developments in the design of equipment, and even the physical characteristics of modern sports arenas evolved in an effort to reduce violence or its consequences.

But still, among athletic management teams, government officials, fans and athletes themselves, there is an ambivalence attitude towards sports violence. Mar 18,  · Studies have shown that violence in the game, particularly if perceived as unfair, increases the likelihood of violent acts by spectators.

Fan violence is further magnified by strong. The League of Fans is a sports reform project founded by Ralph Nader to encourage social & civic responsibility in the sports industry.

In the article, Ken Reed, states that alcohol is usually the number one reason for fan violence.

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