Shaklee business plan

Our team provides personalized plans to support your growth and achieve your goals. We have strong training programs, a wealth of wellness knowledge and support about how to grow your business in person and online. Not only will you receive professional training but along the way you guaranteed to undergo an amazing personal transformation. Listen to what the Shaklee Business Opportunity is all about:

Shaklee business plan

Shop Water looks clean but looks can be deceiving. Recently in the news is the serious issue of lead contaminating our drinking water. Once again Shaklee is ahead of its time because they did their research and decided years ago when it was first designed that it was important to have the Get Clean Water Pitcher filter lead.

Lead is one of the biggest concerns these days and it is not easy to get rid of it in our drinking water. Most of it comes from underground pipes in the distribution infrastructure or from pipes and faucets in our own homes. Lead is one of the top concerns in water contamination.

It affects young people, sick people and the very old hardest. Lead is leeching from the pipes into the water supply that shaklee business plan drink. Most water pitcher filters cannot remove lead.

Most municipal water treatment facilities are doing a good job at providing safe water. There are hundreds of contaminants that can show up in our water, that come from industrial pollutants, agricultural chemicals and by-products from disinfection.

Municipalities provide drinking water at a high quality level, but they do have a difficult task. They treat at the central location where they are trying to meet all the legal levels to provide safe drinking water.

But then the water has to pass through distribution systems and home plumbing. During the time the water travels throught the distribution systems many new contaminants are being reintroduced back into the water.

Lead is still a big problem because it is hard to filter and most filters in the U. If they claimed to in the past, they most likely lost their certification. Most pitcher filters that are available on the market today use granular carbon - granules that are inside a container - to filter.

Shaklee filters water in the Shaklee Get Clean Water Pitcher a different way, and it is certified to remove lead. Shaklee uses coconut shell carbon and uses a carbon block - made from very very fine powder.

These particles are compressed together and form a block that allows a much greater surface area - more filtration per cubic inch of filter - so you can have the same size filter and get more filtration. The compression process in carbon block allows much finer pores to be maintained and they are bound together with an FDA food grade polymer so you simply bind the particles together, compress them, and have a product that has no loose granules and removes more contaminants.Shaklee also pays a Leadership Bonus of 7% to 3% for up to 4 generations of Business Leaders in your downline organization.

As a group gets to points a month in purchases, they become a Business Leader.

shaklee business plan

Sep 18,  · Shaklee Distributor Training – How To Sell Shaklee Products Online – Shaklee Compensation Plan Tips - Duration: Blaze Marketing Tv 5, views.

SHAKLEE ® BUSINESS PLAN Advance to Key Coordinator 4 First Level Directors. Director Maintain Personal Group Volume (PGV) Earn % to % on your Personal Group + Retail Profits Coordinator 2 First Level Directors Earn overrides Two Levels Deep 7% and 5%.

Jun 05,  · Shaklee Fast Income Compensation Plan - Strategy To Becoming a Top Rep. For Shaklee - Youtube 13 Ways to be Successful in your Shaklee Business | . Shaklee is the number 1, the oldest & largest natural nutrition company in the US. I have been using & distributing the products for 38 years.

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If Shaklee makes it, I won't use another brand. They are THAT good. The business compensation plan, as well as the products, are unmatched in the industry/5(). With Shaklee, you decide how, where and when to work your business.

It fits neatly into the corners of your busy life. You determine the level of rewards you want to earn – extra cash, trips, car payments, or a career income.

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