Prewriting activities for second grade

Peeps, my hand is WAY up! Now, as sweet and endearing as those writings may be, after 18 years of teaching I'm about over them. Does that sound mean? This year, I did the obligatory turkey project with the same ol' same ol' thankful things, but as I was doing it, it occurred to me that it was time to kick it up a notch.

Prewriting activities for second grade

This year my school district implemented a new focus on writing. Each student would be exposed to the complete writing process: Teachers were required to keep copies of multiple writing samples from each student composed of samples from each step of the process.

With 18 students, I soon found myself drowning in papers. They seemed to cover every flat surface in the classroom. My stress level went through the roof!

prewriting activities for second grade

I had to do something quick. I sought out my 'best teacher friend', Pinterest, for ideas and guidance. I found several resources that gave me various components I have links to the resources at the end of this post that I combines with some original ideas to create a student friendly writing folder.

I had several different goals for this writing folder. First and foremost, I wanted organization.

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In order to achieve this, I needed an easy way for students to know exactly where to put everything during the writing process. I purchased each student two pocket folders without brads.

I stapled them together to create a 4 pocket folder. Then I added labels to each of the pockets telling students what to put in it.

My second goal for these folders was to gradually hand the writing process over to the students so that it could become somewhat of an independent activity. I say 'somewhat' because I always had input in the editing process and sometimes the prewriting process for the struggling writers.

To accomplish this transfer of ownership, I added several resources which I pasted to the front and back of each folder. These included resources such as paragraph formation, punctuation usage, commonly misspelled words, transition words, writer's checklist, and sample heading.

I always referred them to this information before I would answer questions. I loved to hear my students telling each other where they could find the answer they were seeking.

These folders quickly became a staple in my classes daily procedures. Once we completed the writing process a few times as a class, I could assign writing assignments for them to do individually. As they finished each step of the process, they would turn their writing folder in for me to look at.

The folders were the cure for massive amounts of papers collecting around my room as well as a tool that helped students conquer the writing process. This next year, I will definitely utilize a writing folder in my classroom.#essay #wrightessay essay on helpers, how to write a criminal law essay, graduate admissions essay, simple topic for essay, writing an essay template, dissertation writing assista.

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prewriting activities for second grade

May 21,  · Activities for Second Graders on the First Day of School. Part of the series: School Activities. Activities for the first day of second grade help foster a sense of ownership and belonging. Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins A Thematic Unit By Anson H.

Baker Deborah Cooley Kristin Pingel June 26, 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS This interdisciplinary project is based on the theme of PUMPKINS. It is intended for use in a second grade classroom, but could easily be adapted for use in another, higher or board activity will serve as a review.

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Second Grade Writing Activities. Get young kids writing, creating, and learning with these hands-on activities sure to appeal to your second grader.

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