Kreg jig projects

This easy-to use jig holds slides in position as you drill mounting holes in the cabinet, and it supports drawer boxes while mounting slides to the drawer. Plus, the Jig works with ball-bearing, epoxy-coated, and undermount slides for perfect positioning every time. The Drawer Slide Jig simplifies drawer installation by aligning slides in the cabinet and on the drawer. Built-in tabs make the jig easy to align to support the slide inside the cabinet, and to support the drawers as you attach the slides to them.

Kreg jig projects

Each month some of us bloggers get together and share projects with you to help encourage you to use power tools to do projects of your own.

We understand what it is to be intimidated by power tools. At one time we all were newbies at this, but we kept on at it, and got better with each project we successfully completed.

Kreg jig projects

NO, they are not. Are all projects easy?

Kreg jig projects

The goal is to keep trying and learn from our own mistakes. Today, I want to share with you one of Kreg jig projects all-time favorite tools. If you think about it, most projects build from scratch—begin with a four sided box.

Using Kreg Jigs and their pocket hole screws will change the way you build. I know a lot of people buy them, and put them away and never use them because they are intimidated by this simple tool.

Many times I have to concentrate really hard to make sure I get the hole drilled in the right place. Once while making this type of project, I mistakenly drilled the hole into the shelf instead of the cabinet door.

When using this connection for a shelf board, I know that it is going to be very sturdy especially if I use my favorite Gorilla Wood Glue. Not bad for FREE, eh? As I said above, many projects begin with a box.

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I like to make window cabinets—large ones, small ones, wall cabinets and even floor cabinets. Tall Window Box Starting from the top to the bottom, pocket hole screws are the meat of this tall window project. Even so, the K4 really is a lot faster if you have many holes to drill. I clamped the jig in the corner, drilled the hole and secured with screws without disturbing the existing joint.

I also used it on this toy box made from a crib to reinforce the front legs. The guide and bit drill smaller holes which come in handy for some smaller projects.

I used it to make easy rustic frame 3 ways. The joints were small boards and I needed smaller pocket holes as well as smaller pocket hole screws. I think every DIY woodworker should have at least 1 or 2 Kreg jigs in the tool cabinet.

Do you have one still in the box? If so, I challenge you to get it out very soon and build a simple project, or at least put together a box of some sort.

If you need still more inspiration, check out the full library of my Kreg Jig Projects. Now, are you ready to check out these great projects from my friends?The Best DIY Kreg Jig Projects Free Download. The Internets Original and Largest free woodworking plans and projects links database.

Free Access. Updated daily. Kreg Jig Projects. Any project that I made using the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig. How To Build A Bookcase. Jamie And I Make A Jewelry Organizer Cabinet.

Make A Wooden Cooler Box. Build A Bunk Bed. Pocket Hole Corner Cabinet. Pocket Hole Step Stool #2. A Toy Box That Anyone Can Make. In wood-related projects, having a tool to make holes is essential.

Many beginners and also the professionals are suggesting to use a Kreg Jig. Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Woodworking Plans Diy Wood Projects Garden Shed Plans. Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Woodworking Plans for Beginners And Woodworking Projects Kreg Jig Pocket Hole On Sales.

KREG hardware installation solutions make it easy to add the perfect final touch to your projects by allowing you to confidently install knobs and pulls, concealed door hinges and drawer slides.

These durable, adjustable jigs position your hardware and guide your drill so you get accurate, repeatable, professional-quality results every time. Kreg Tool Company is committed to finding and keeping the best employees by offering a competitive salary and an excellent benefits package.

As part of our total package, our eligible employees may take advantage of a variety of benefit options.

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