How to write a funny instagram bio

Sometimes I come across such a killer bio that I don't even have to scroll through the feed to see if I want to follow. I wonder how in the hell did this person write such a killer Instagram bio? Today I'm showing you how you can be that super cool chick everyone wants to be friends with on IG.

How to write a funny instagram bio

A great, catchy Instagram bio requires plenty of thought and planning.

Funny Instagram Bio Ideas - Growing Social Media

According to a study by the Missouri University of Science and Technologyit just takes two-tenths of a second for users to form an impression about your digital account. Name Matters The first step in creating an Instagram bio is to ensure that the name field in the bio is the actual name of your business.

People searching for you or your business will likely search for it using the name of your brand and not the Instagram username. So, provide a consistent business name that helps people confirm that the profile actually belongs to you and not an impostor.

Spell your brand name the same way everywhere and let it be prominent. No bland stock images, please!! Alternatively, you can try to get creative and include a collage of all the members of your team. Show off yourselves and let people see who you are. See a clean headshot likes this works best in creating the right first impression about you.

Think of it like this way — you just commented on a photo someone posted. Others see you in their recent activity. Now, coming to the actual description of your bio, here are a few tips to nail it right 1: Think of words yes words and not sentences that describe your brand.

With this one, she hit the perfect sweet spot. She still manages to tell about her while promoting her app.

Occasionally, someone may see one of your photos before they come to your profile.

That hella takes the cake on marketing genius. If you think only celebrities could afford to sound sassy, Wrong!

Instagram bio ideas, tips, and inspiration for brands

But, with bios as cool as this I guess they are on the way to winning millions of Instagram likes. Sorry, no one wants to see that.

Save it for your personal blog. What we mean here is that your BIO must make people feel something and connect with your brand emotionally. At the end of the day, you need to build your online personality to stand out from the crowd. Add a bit of your quirks and likes to your bio and let your personality shine through.

Emojis are a great way to break up the boring text. They draw the eyes of your readers. Emojis, in fact, make people read your bio to check out what those super cool tiny bits of graphics are doing there.

Simply, emojis are a great inclusion to your bio, because they are unexpected. You rarely come across emojis in the corporate world. Why not have some fun using them and showing off the fun side of your business, brand or personal page?

Ultimately, you want all those reading your bio to follow you and keep those likes coming in.

how to write a funny instagram bio

And, use your emojispeak to make it happen. Make the Information Easy to Read There are two ways to achieve this. Textizer is a great app that lets you play around with fonts for Instagram and other social media apps. Or, Add line breaks Alternatively, adding line breaks is another great way to make the information you display on your app more palatable and easy to consume.

Keep in mind that line breaks and font changes appear only on the mobile version of Insta and not on the desktop. Checklist for a Great Insta Bio A good insta bio is one that gets users to click on the follow button and earn comments on your posts.How to Write a Killer Instagram Bio: to Stand out Above the Crowd By Lindsay White Have you ever come across an Instagram profile and think to yourself, this is my type of homie, and instantly.

Instagram is the apex of Visual sharing in social media today. Millions of Profiles with their cool instagram bios and status and with zillions of photos gets created on instagram you have an instagram Profile, you must have a habit of reading profile’s Bio and instagram status of others.

You’ve taken the trouble to write an amazing, funny, personal bio that draws people in and makes them want to get to know you better. Geeta Nadkarni on July 4, at pm That’s awesome Ricardo.

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I am so happy that it helped you! I was asked by a friend to help write a bio for his college class and I took your template and added.

Well, we have broken our best funny Instagram bio ideas into 4 categories, we will show you a few examples of each. Here are the categories: Funny Quotes; Emojis Say It All; Clever Sayings; Straight Facts; Funny Quotes.

Funny Quotes

Everyone likes a good laugh, and in general people like funny people who aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves every now and then. So always try to say something funny on your first pitch, bio. Attract others to your online presence by writing an awesome funny bio.

If you can not make fun, people will just switch to other accounts where they can get fun. Keep instagram culture in mind while writing bio: Source: fashiondads_ Instagram is different from other social platforms.

May 11,  · Alright, now that you've got the basics and know how to write a killer Instagram profile, go give yourself an IG bio makeover.

You no longer have a reason to have a lame or mediocre bio.

10 Great Tips For Your Instagram Bio to Enhance Your Popularity