Green click media essay

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Green click media essay

Some of the suggestions that the book gives include filtering of tap water using a water filter. Another suggestion is the use of metallic water bottles, which are durable and safe.

Alternatively, one can use biota-bottled water. The component of this bottle is pure corn, which is a renewable resource. It can decompose in less than 80 days.

Green click media essay

This reduces health hazards, especially to soil. The book also gives an overview of facts and lies about hybrid and flex fuels.

The guide gives a summary of reasons why individuals need to invest in organic mattresses.

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Analysis Looking at the contents of this book, one can see that there are quite a number of realistic suggestions to each of the requirements of living a green life. For example, the writer suggests that one way of reducing pollution and emission of carbon wastes is by living near places of work.

This, to some extent, is a realistic suggestion. We know that living near our workplaces will reduce the use of automobiles in commuting to and from work. Automobiles are the greatest sources of carbon wastes.

Similarly, the suggestion of using solar hot water to charge mobile phone batteries, flashlights and other electronic gadgets is also realistic.

This is because, currently, most of these developments are afffordable to the average human beings.

Green click media essay

For example, in order to reduce the level of environmental degradation from the use of plastic bottles, the author recommends less consumption of disposable plastic items and plastic bags.

Presently, most companies pack their products in plastic containers and bags. This is because plastic items are affordable.

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Therefore, suggesting the use of less plastic containers and bags is not realistic. Building materials such as paints usually contain dangerous organic compounds. Some synthetic materials such as house carpets also have chemicals that are harmful to lives of human beings.

The author suggests the removal of such materials in houses, a move that is positive but unrealistic. Critique One of the shortcomings of most of the suggestions from this guide is that they are unrealistic in nature. Despite the fact that most of the suggestions and prescriptions can facilitate living a green life, they require unrealistic inputs and sacrifice.

This is not practical in real life situations. Look at the suggestion of consuming natural electricity. Most individuals will opt for the opportunity to use readily available power, in this case, hydroelectric power. This power source is more reliable, predictable, and cheap on large-scale consumption.Welcome to the Spotlight Database and Activism Portal.

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Or, What I’ve Learned in 12 Years Writing about Energy ( words, about 25 minutes reading time) Folks who pay attention to energy and climate issues are regularly treated to two competing depictions of society’s energy options.

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