Foreclosure cleanup business plan sample

There has never been a better time than right now to get into this lucrative business.

Foreclosure cleanup business plan sample

When you start a business most of the work you wil be able to outsource by hiring painters, electricians, carpenters, locksmith etc. Knowing about cubic yards and dump requirements will help when it comes to pricing your services as well. Hiring workers to help with cleaning out foreclosures Foreclosure cleaning companies will continue to profit into the near future, as long as the recession continues to put the economy in a state of financial crisis, banks will need those who can come and help get real estate back on the markets for resale.

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Many are looking to clean foreclosures for a living, they even set up a corporation for their business due to its low cost startup and the continued demand for the services.

With unemployment rates at a national high many are looking at starting their own businesses. It is the small business of choice for those who are downsized from other industries and sectors such as finance or construction.

Housekeeping Home Cleaning Services start a business cleaning trashed out foreclosures Duct Mold and Carpet Cleaning Needed In your business you want to make sure that you have a cleaning, house, office, commercial and residential service to offer your local area.

Many housing authorities around the country started to receive government stimulus money that are ideal for foreclosure cleaning companies and other real estate services companies such as appraisers, termite pest control companies, building contractors, plumbers, electricians, roofing companies, and lawn care companies.

The kind of equipment needed for cleaning foreclosed homes You will need a dumpster as well as a cleaning supplies, it will help to have construction repair tools as well as landscaping equipment.

Use free Classifieds to get workorders Many have found that placing an ad on a classified site on the web works well, try using Craigslist, Backpage, UsFreeAds, Recycler, InetGiant, or oodle.

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To find government contracts to bid on you can prepare a request for proposal that qualifies you with multi-agency jurisdictions for most city and state public notices. You can find them in your local newspapers or magazines where outside contracting is part of the agencies who help small business owners with the U.

Federal Government guidelines for bidding on contracts and work. As a foreclosure listing agent you will be able to connect with those in the industry such as bankers, property owners, brokers and landlords for sub-contract jobs.

foreclosure cleanup business plan sample

Certification and training is available for those looking to become a commercial foreclosure agent by marketing and selling distressed properties for increased revenue.

Listing real estate owned properties is in high demand among investors and home buyers, many of which are assigned to asset management companies who contract out real estate agents for Broker Price Opinions to evaluate the comparative market analysis for foreclosed homes by the lender. To get started you will have to register with companies that provide the list to BPO companies, Reo listing agents and Asset Managers.Many times new business owners are so eager to get the phone ringing that they forget the all important contract when the calls start rolling in.

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PROFIT from cleaning out FORECLOSURES! This is a guide with all the essential steps you need to start a profitable foreclosure clean out business. Recession proof Make up to 20k per month Full time or 2k per month part time This is the #1 business to start RIGHT NOW!

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Many new Foreclosure Cleanup Business owners are unsure of what equipment they will need to get started Here is a list of Must-Have items for Starting a F, More Info; Janitorial Training and Resources for cleaning companies. Cleaning Service Business Plan Sample - Company. You will need, at minimum, an occupational business icense.

There are some great tips on the Trulia Foreclosure Cleanup Blog that will help you grow your foreclosure cleanup business and guide you when it comes to license and insurance.

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