Cosmetology essay conclusion

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Cosmetology essay conclusion

More Essay Examples on Cosmetology Rubric Men and women have used cosmetic products for many centuries - Cosmetology Essay introduction. Though styles are continually changing, the practice of applying or utilizing such products had become a part of everyday life.

Cosmetology essay conclusion and the advertising business had contributed to the burgeoning growth of the many aspects involved in its use and application. Cosmetics had always been associated with women, but men too, had been great consumers of perfume, powder, and oils.

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Cosmetics today are used from head to toe and by people of all ages. The demand and attention for looks-enhancement has fed a growing cosmetic industry which contains several major companies that operates internationally.

Similarly, a structured field for the growing interest on creating a good or impressive outward appearance is its proper and skillful application, now part of the scope of cosmetology, and which has now opened greater opportunities for a variety of practices today.

There are various fields of discipline in cosmetology that specifically attend to the various needs of the consumers and clients. Such needs include dealing with the skin and nails. This also involves the different cutting or treatment of the hair. Common treatments employed are manicures and pedicures for the nails.

As for the hair, various hairstyles are available Cosmetology essay conclusion choose from, with the professional aid and counsel of the hairstylists that would best fit the customer JB Wilkinson et al.

The scope of cosmetology today has enlarged and now includes hair removal in different parts of the body or doing facials. Aside from hairstyling and shampooing, other hair treatments that are in great demand today are the application of hair relaxers or straighteners if the client desires to have straight hair.

On the other hand, permanent waves are given if a client decides to wear curls or waves on his or her hair. The application of different colors or highlighting of the hair, and adding length through hair extensions are some areas of cosmetology that requires skills that must be learned and specialized.

Those who have followed the learning of such skills and discipline, and have obtained a license to practice such skills are called cosmetologists. Brief History Though the field of cosmetology as a profession has just evolved recently, the practice has been used even in ancient days.

The early use of cosmetics and hair designs are usually connected to Royalty and such it is not far removed that hairdressers and other beauticians have already been employed by the nobilities. Spas are very popular nowadays; it has existed since the days of early Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, who were famous for their public baths using essential oils.

Evidence of the use of eye makeup and aromatic ointments has been found in Egyptian tombs dating to B. Perfumes of natural origin were greatly prized and hence associated with priestly functions. Oils were used in bathing, possibly because of the drying Mediterranean climate, and this practice was evidently widespread in ancient Greece.

By the 1st century AD the Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Middle Eastern cultures had developed cosmetics such as powders to whiten the skin; kohl to darken the eyelids, eyelashes, and eyebrows; rouge for the cheeks; and abrasive products to clean the teeth.

Similar cosmetics were used throughout the centuries, developing on lines not very different from those employed today. Cosmetics for the face, dyes for the hair, perfumes for adornment, and environmental health and bath aids were all common in Western Europe from the 13th century on.

Even less developed civilizations also applied the cosmetic art; facial decoration has been associated with both magic and war in cultures as far removed geographically as that of the North American Indian and the indigenous African.

The African continent, particularly, developed the art of hair-styling, and the East contributed much to perfumery. Today, significant technical developments that form the basis of the modern cosmetics industry and related professions have made use of innovations to cater to the desires of its clients Cosmetics: What is amazing is the fact that those who practice in the field of cosmetology at all ages have all found employment.

The hardest places, like Afghanistan, could not be deprived of such services. Beauty salons are already out in the open, but have been practiced secretly even during the Taliban regime.

Different Fields of Specialization The practice of cosmetology nowadays embraces a wide scope; therefore there is a growing trend to specialize in specific areas to be able to fully satisfy customers.Cosmetology has been around since the ancient times and the Egyptians.

It was the Egyptian women who gave a lot of importance to hair care, nails, makeup, and overall beauty. The natural look changed the reverted look to the cosmetic look.

As years roll by, cosmetology and the business of looking good began to pick up a huge amount of customers.

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Cosmetology is a passion, a passion that not everybody has. It is a talent; a talent that most people wish they had.

Cosmetology essay conclusion

There is a ton of work involved in becoming a cosmetologist. cosmetology essay conclusion It's a great pleasure and honor studying, working as well as teaching at some of the prestigious California community colleges.

I moved in across from back. These are the reasons why i chose to do my project on cometology. I love everything about hair. Its the only thing i want to do.

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Its the only thing i want to go after. I been wanting this since i was little; I dont want anything else. I learned so much with doing my project on cosmetology. Cosmetology as an art requires many skills such as arm-hand steadiness, manual dexterity, and finger dexterity, oral comprehension, near vision, oral expression, originality, speech, visualization, and fluency of ideas.

The Study of Beauty: Cosmetology Essay Words | 7 Pages makes your eyelashes grow and can take off makeup, or if your finger nails are discolored from using dark polish, use a slice of lemon on them and they will regain their color (The beauty magazine, Roselyn Miller, pg.


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