Ballet descriptive essay

July 1, Ballet Essay If I could be doing anything right at this moment I would choose to be dancing ballet.

Ballet descriptive essay

Exaudiat te Dominus, grand motet, Jubilate Deo, grand motet, ?

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Notus in Judea Deux, grand motet O lacrymae, grand motet, text by Perrin, at Versailles, Quare fremuerunt, grand motet, at Versailles, April 19, Petits motets: Anima Christi; Ave coeli manus, text by Perrin; Dixit Dominus; Domine salvum; Laudate pueri; O dulcissime Domine; Omnes gentes; O sapientia; Regina coeli; Salve regina Ballets de cour[ edit ] When Lully began dancing and composing for court ballets, the genre blossomed and markedly changed in character.

He was so captivated by the French overture that he wrote four of them for the Ballet d'Alcidiane! The development of his instrumental style can be discerned in his chaconnes. He experimented with all types of compositional devices and found new solutions that he later exploited to the full in his operas.

For example, the chaconne that ends the Ballet Ballet descriptive essay la Raillerie has 51 couplets plus an extra free part; in Le Bourgeois gentilhomme he added a vocal line to the chaconne for the Scaramouches. The first menuets appear in the Ballet de la Raillerie and the Ballet de l'Impatience In Lully's ballets one can also see the emergence of concert music, for example, pieces for voice and instruments that could be excerpted and performed alone and that prefigure his operatic airs: The point of departure was a verse libretto, in most cases by the verse dramatist Philippe Quinault.

For the dance pieces, Lully would hammer out rough chords and a melody on the keyboard, and Quinault would invent words. For the recitative, Lully imitated the speech melodies and dramatic emphasis used by the best actors in the spoken theater.

His attentiveness to transferring theatrical recitation to sung music shaped French opera and song for a century. In like manner the chorus performed in several combinations: The intrigue of the plot culminated in a vast tableau, for example, the sleep scene in Atys, the village wedding in Roland, or the funeral in Alceste.

Soloists, chorus and dancers participated in this display, producing astonishing effects thanks to machinery. In contrast to Italian opera, the various instrumental genres were present to enrich the overall effect: French overture, dance airs, rondeaux, marches, "simphonies" that painted pictures, preludes, ritournelles.

Collected into instrumental suites or transformed into trios, these pieces had enormous influence and affected instrumental music across Europe. The earliest operas were performed at the indoor Bel Air tennis court on the grounds of the Luxembourg Palace that Lully had converted into a theater.

The first performance of later operas either took place at court, or in the theater at the Palais-Royalwhich had been made available to Lully's Academy. Once premiered at court, operas were performed for the public at the Palais-Royal.

Plon was the first 20th-century novel about Lully that raised supposed questions about the composer's "moral character. The movie depicts Lully with a concealed romantic interest in the King.Biography. Lully was born on November 28, , in Florence, Grand Duchy of Tuscany, to a family of millers.

His general education and his musical training during his youth in Florence remain uncertain, but his adult handwriting suggests that he manipulated a quill pen with ease.

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Ballet descriptive essay

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