A report on the concerns on the safety in schools

Babysitting safety Bicycling, pedestrian, and motor vehicle safety Special crimes in which students are especially likely to be offenders or victims, such as vandalism, shoplifting, and sexual assault by acquaintances. Although there is considerable diversity in the structure of programs and the specific activities of SROs, surveys find that most officers spend at least half their time engaging in law enforcement activities. Over half of SROs advise staff, students, and families, spending about a quarter of their time in this way, and one-half of SROs engage in teaching, on average for about five hours per week.

A report on the concerns on the safety in schools

Overall Crime and Safety Situation U. Embassy San Salvador does not assume responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or firms appearing in this report. Crime Threats Crime can run the gamut from credit card skimming to homicide and is unpredictable, gang-centric, and characterized by violence directed against both known victims and targets of opportunity.

There is no information to suggest that U. The threat of violent crime in San Salvador leads to the curtailment of recreational opportunities. Crimes of every type occur routinely. Recognizing the threat posed by MS, the U.

Gangs and other criminal elements target affluent areas for burglaries and are quick to engage in violence when resisted. Many of the gangs are comprised of unemployed youth who do not hesitate to use deadly force when perpetrating crimes. Although the murder rate has consistently declined sinceEl Salvador continues to have one of the highest homicide rates in the world.

Crime statistics indicate the annual homicide rate — Homicides are not uniformly committed across El Salvador, see the Travel Advisory for the list of the most violent municipalities.

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Some home invasions reportedly occurred when individuals posed as deliverymen or police officers in order to gain access to a home. The presence of armed security and the use of security features in homes have proven successful in combating home invasions.

If your child has any safety concerns, please encourage them to reach out to an adult at school or report through the Save Voice app, which does take anonymous tips. With your assistance, we can work together to keep students safe while providing them with a quality education. Dec 04,  · The school was seeking bids for a new transportation company and planned to have a copy of an inspection report submitted prior to selecting a . The National Center for Safe Routes to Schools helps states and communities enable and encourage children to safely walk and bicycle to school, working with parents, schools, community leaders, and local, state, and federal governments to improve the health and well-being of children.

A new phenomenon of armed robberies of nightclubs and restaurants was reported toward the end of These cases took place next to residential areas known for their affluence. Many restaurants and business owners hire private security for their premises; this has the tendency to deter most petty crime and spontaneous robberies.

On November 29, police reported that multiple assailants robbed a Chinese restaurant in the same general area. A shooting ensued, wounding two security guards.

On December 9, a similar robbery occurred at a steak house in the same area. Police continue to investigate all three robberies.

In a separate incident, multiple assailants robbed a restaurant located in La Libertad on a route to the beach used by Salvadorans and tourists alike.

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A large number of armed assailants approximately 30, according to witnessesgained access to the roadside restaurant and subdued patrons and employees at gunpoint while they stole money and other valuables.

Several perpetrators of this crime remain at large.One in 10 Parents Say Child Has Expressed Concerns About Safety at School Ten percent of U.S. parents of K students say their child has expressed worries about his or her safety at school.

This figure has been fairly consistent since , never straying from the 8% to 12% range. Report bullying or safety concerns online with SafeSchools Alert. Reports can be submitted anonymously. To make a verbal or written report of harassment, intimidation or bullying, contact a school administration or any staff member.


A report on the concerns on the safety in schools

– One of the top expectations parents have of schools is that they be safe and secure. Mothers don’t want their sons to be threatened or hurt; fathers don’t want their daughters taunted or bullied, and everyone wants schools where learning can occur without fear, disruption, or disorder.

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Pennsylvania School Safety Report 3 This coordination, however, often proves challenging in practice. Participants identiied schools safe requires a holistic approach focused community partners about their concerns with safety and potential policy changes;.

P3 Campus is an anonymous tip reporting solution designed specifically for the educational community. P3 Campus is a vital tool in keeping schools and students safe.

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School community members can report about a wide range of concerns, from mental health issues to threats of. Individuals can easily report tips on bullying, harassment, drugs, vandalism or any safety issue they are concerned about through SafeSchools Alert.

Every tip SafeSchools Alert receives regarding Northshore School District is immediately logged in the system and school district administration is notified so they can investigate and take appropriate .

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